Why Hire a Professional Photographer for a Maternity Shoot?

Just like weddings and birthdays, a woman’s journey to motherhood is something to be treasured and celebrated. Pregnancy is a fascinating phase of a woman’s life where a lot of changes happen. It is an adventure that women can experience as they watch their bellies grow with the development of their little human. 

Although some expectant mothers feel conscious of their appearance during maternity, more and more women choose to remember their pregnancy as something elegant, beautiful, and life-changing. If you are pregnant and looking for a professional maternity photographer, Renee Joanne Photography has you covered. She will ensure that you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, with photographs to commemorate this beautiful journey. 

One of the most popular maternity shoots was when Demi Moore graced the August 1991 cover of Vanity Fair magazine. The actress was all glammed up in her birthday suit and proudly exhibiting her tummy while seven months into her pregnancy. Several decades later, this kind of shoot is still a trend, and future mums are looking for remarkable ways and out of the box ideas to document their first step into motherhood. 

For first timers, the top question is “Why hire a professional photographer for a maternity shoot when everyone has their own cameras and smartphones?” 21st century technology and social media made taking photos look easy and instant; and when motherly instinct hits you, you may also think that it is better to do-it-yourself. Actually, there are tons of self-help videos and articles across the internet.

Sure, it saves you money but we will give you five reasons why hiring a professional photographer is the best option to create your ideal maternity shoot.

1. They have tons of experience

A professional photographer understands different concepts that will give you the best maternity photos. These technical concepts are not written on the manual of your purchased camera or mentioned on the self-help materials you have. It is studied and gained by professional photographers through experience. Some factors that a pro is considering are lighting, locations, image composition, and editing.

Professionals know how to deal with these accordingly and sometimes improvise when necessary just to give you satisfaction and the best images that capture your journey to motherhood. With this knowledge and skills, professional photographers can help you turn your vision you have in mind into actual photos that are flattering, stylish, and far from your usual selfies. 

2. They have the proper gear. 

Same with their experience, professional photographers invest in proper gear. Whether you prefer to shoot in a studio or the wild, they have the equipment fit to capture your desired images. Just like any other toolset, photographers have their own. When you hire one for your maternity shoot, expect that they will maximize all their gears.

They will never settle for something anyone with a plain camera can produce, professional photographers make sure that you get what you pay for. 

3. Hiring a professional will save you time. 

Let’s admit it planning a maternity shoot takes time, from conceptualizing, wardrobe, execution, up until editing. If you hire a professional photographer, you will save your time and energy. Because of their exposure in the industry and of course, their experience, they have connections that can be possible suppliers, who can help you in picking your wardrobe or booking your target location.

Some photographers are very hands-on, they will give you ideas for the shoot and they will collaborate with you to make your dreams possible. Remember you must avoid stress, it’s bad for you and the baby! 

4. You get to enjoy the experience. 

The whole point of having a maternity shoot is to treasure the mother’s pregnancy. As an expecting mother, you must seize the moment, it is a once in a lifetime chance that will feature your growth as a woman and celebrate your life towards motherhood.

Whether you do the shoot by yourself or you just tapped your husband to assist you, you might not get the quality of images you want plus you will miss out on the experience and emotions while you do the shoot with a pro. The professional photographer will make you feel extra special during the shoot, tossing several ideas, camera angles, and poses to preserve this chapter into a memento. 

5. You can share the moment with your family.

Your pregnancy is a blessing and it must be celebrated. After you had your time with the camera, striking every possible pose with your future child, you can ask the photographer to get your picture with your loved ones so you have tons of remembrance of this milestone.

Because you let the pro do the work for you, you don’t have to worry that someone will miss having a picture with you and your unborn child. These photos are treasures for the future, maybe you can use these when your child celebrates his or her birthday, or simply when you and your husband want to reminisce. 

Final Thoughts

Motherhood requires a lot of effort and responsibility and sometimes mums forget about themselves because they are too good at what they do, prioritizing the family. Having a maternity shoot is your chance to think of yourself first.

Sure, hiring a professional could cost a few bucks more than any home photoshoots but these photographers can transform your pictures into a story, a feeling, a work of art. Because when you finally give birth to your baby it is another chapter of your life as a mother and all you have now are these pictures that speak to you about the journey you took. Well, no has regretted getting a maternity shoot – but for sure plenty regret not doing it.