I think I’m a nostalgic person. A details person. I always notice the little things. I buy a particular shower gel because it smells like my Granny. She lives 16,537km away.


I love poring over old photos and trinkets kept. If I open my old childhood trunk, you won’t hear a peep from me, just perhaps the odd exclamation of delight!

I walk the halls of antique and secondhand warehouses completely enamoured. Old film cameras! Books! Curling up in a cosy spot with a good read and a cup of tea (it’s the English in me) is one of my very favourite things to do.

I treasure memories and the things that link to our past and create the very personal histories that we live and own every day.

I am an optimist – always looking ahead…

Looking ahead to the next travel opportunity… to my next personal project, (once I decide on one of the many ideas simmering away in my head!)… to one day starting a family with my husband Ben – (but for now we’re content with our two furry little puppies – Bentley and Hercules Q Perkins III)…

and… to taking more photos, laughing, learning, meeting new people, collaborating and exploring photography.

I will make tangible these photos, so that one day someone else can sift through old things and offer their own exclamations of delight 🙂