i’m just putting it out there… you (and your lover), are perhaps looking for an excellent wedding photographer to record your wedding of destiny?

well, there just so happens to be five, (5), (v), excellent wedding photographers based right here on this website.. the Giddy Up Camera Club is a collective of artists that specialise in wedding photography.. it was founded by todd & alyda mcgaw, & after running their super-creative wedding photography studio since 2007 & winning a bunch of awards for excellent photo-taking, they’ve sourced 3 other excellent photographers to join them.. emma, meg & torsten have all been very carefully hand-picked, shaped, trained, nurtured, & loved over the last 12 months, and now we all regularly cut loose with photographic super powers!

you can meet all our guys here, & if you like what you see, then email us at ground control quick sticks & we can say hello & things 🙂