learning about photography can be very isolating.. sitting at your computer editing all day – it can be a lonely job.. however, getting together with other photographers over coffee & talking about how lonely this job can be, makes you feel great! the Giddy Up Camera Club is all about community.. sharing what you know & learning new ways to do things… it’s how we grow..


so, whether you’re just getting into photography, or thinking about starting a business, or need to re-invent your professional photographic self, you are most welcome to join us here.. our online/virtual/metaphorical doors are always open 🙂

it’s true.. as members of this here camera club, we dedicate our mad skillz to making excellent wedding photographs – indeed we do.. but there’s lots more going on here too… photographic and/or art exhibitions, workshops for amateur and pro photographers, photowalks & special events.. soooo much to tell you over the next little while.. click here for more info about workshops coming up, & keep up with events over here.. stay tuned people of earthworld 🙂