once there was a boy called todd.. one day he decided to start his own wedding photography business.. he had recently married alyda – the fairest lady in all the land – and together they embarked on their adventure..

to be honest, it was a little slow going at first, but after a little bit, todd found his groove.. his dance moves started to attract attention & people started really liking the way he was making wedding photos.. alyda then picked up the camera as well, and T&A started dancing together – it was unbelievable..

*cut to the chase*

in 2010, T&A decided it would be awesome to start a collective of wedding photographers, kind of like the Hall of Justice, where the Super Friends would hang out & be awesome.. alas, they decided not to proceed – mainly because they weren’t superheroes, but also they felt like they needed to learn how to control their already crazy & chaotically busy wedding photography business first..

by early 2012, todd & alyda had learned a lot.. they’d worked with some unbelievably great clients, & made lots more amazing photographer friends from all over the world.. their creative brains exploded when they attended the first ever Whatif Conference in mexico, & then it was on for young & old.. by that september, the Giddy Up Camera Club had a name, personality, & two more photographers lining up, but there was so much still to do.. add 7 months of solid brand & web development, another photographer, some cold hard cash, & a whole lot of sweat – they were finally ready..

why did they do it? well, how else were they going to combine wedding photography, their love of art, adventure, the industry, & meeting new friends? seriously, it was a no-brainer 🙂