Kinds of Tree Services in Melbourne

Trees in Melbourne are an important aspect of the city’s landscape. 

When you think of the beautiful parks with century-old trees, many of them planted by hand when these places were created, or perhaps one of the towering pine trees lining the streets in some neighbourhoods, it is easy to understand why.

However, when you stop and look at your street more closely, you will see that there are actually many different types of tree services in Melbourne that might be needed for certain trees.  

To prevent further damage to possibly hazardous trees or simply for maintaining a nice looking front yard or backyard view where there are attractive plants and fragrant flowers instead of dying trees encroaching on the sidewalk or cutting down shade –

leafy green summertime relief from the sun’s heat – there are certain services that can be undertaken.

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The following is a list of some of the more common types of tree services in Melbourne.  Perhaps you will find one or two that might be needed on your property!

Tree Removal Services in Melbourne

This service probably needs little explanation.  Most everyone understands what it means to have a dead or dying tree removed but some may not know that it is necessary to remove trees that threaten life around them, including people and buildings.  

Sometimes these situations come about because of natural processes such as storms but many times they are caused by human interference such as unauthorised attempts at pruning trees by homeowners themselves which end up cutting into power lines and causing a blackout.  

The same thing can happen with trees that grow too close to buildings and their limbs scratch against roofs or windows, sometimes so severely that they might seriously damage the building’s exterior.

Tree Trimming Services in Melbourne

What do you think of when you hear the word “trim” in regards to a tree?

Many think only of reducing the height of trees but this is not always the case!  In other words, should large branches be cut off leaving small stumps to improve air circulation and therefore making leaves fall less often?  

This results in many dead twigs and branches lying on the ground beneath the tree and it does not look very nice. homeowners will want these branches pruned off, perhaps more frequently than what some tree services in Melbourne might recommend.  

Of course, this is not always an option because some branches are so hard to get to that they cannot be pruned without harming the tree itself.

Tree Pruning Services in Melbourne

One of the most common types of tree services in Melbourne for homeowners who have problems with trees encroaching on their property or overhanging where they do not want leaves and twigs littering their yard.  

After all, having a big mess left behind by leafy branches which block light from reaching flowers and grass can create an eyesore that takes time and money to remove once the season has passed!

Sometimes it may even affect the health of any plants that are near ground level.  

If you have a tree that needs constant trimming to get rid of lower branches that are blocking the light, then it might be better to thin out its crown so that fewer of these branches grow in the first place.

Tree Trimming Services Near Me

Some homeowners may not know what is involved when they call in tree trimming companies in Melbourne.  After all, how much time does it take to cut down a big tree?  

The answer would probably involve some explaining about tasks like removing stump grinding and checking for roots or termites which might want to eat their way into your home;

this is especially important if the tree removal company has also been hired by commercial clients!  

You will also be told about the disposal process which can mean anything from grinding up the tree in a shredder and using it for mulch to cutting off branches and stacking them to be used as firewood.  

If you want any of these services, make sure that the company has the proper tools, equipment and personnel!

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